Dog Days of Summer

It's the dog days of  summer here at Floral Expressions. As always, Miley, our greeter has been enjoying the porch and looking forward to greeting our customers.

The shop has been constantly changing its looks with new plants, silk arrangements and paintings. Something is always being created. Mari Lynne and her daughter Adriyel Anna have been heading out to the Wednesday night Farmers market at Horicon during these summer months. Unfortunately there has been a lot of rain nights. But on the lighter note we have added a lot of macrame wall hangings to sell and macrame jewelry for the farmers market sales. 

Adriyel has finished her college degree in Studio Arts and is joining
her mom, Mari Lynne and Gloria at the shop part time.
It has been fun training someone with such artistic talents. Needless to say she is quite good at designing and training is going fast. Adriyel being of the younger generation is getting us up to date on social media. So look for some great upgrades. Fall weddings are booking up fast. We have a lot of fun weddings coming up. I am so looking forward to them. This summer gave us a lot of fun weddings to do. Some in more traditional style, one was for a french chic look, one was themed Lord of the Rings, last week was Hawaiian themed, and the list goes on. It has been great to work with so many ideas and themes. The Hawaiian themed wedding was super fun. I learned so much about palm weaving and lei making during my trip to Hawaii last year when we took one of our daughters to drop off at Hawaii Pacific University and the couple was more than willing to let me have complete go at it for their wedding.
Have a great end of the summer. ml

Come experience the shop on the farm

Welcome to the farm. Floral Expressions has been on the farm now for 2 years now.

We are loving our new place and invite you to come out and see all the beauty we have both in the shop and outside.

If you haven't made it out to the shop yet, now is the time to check it out.

Here at Floral Expressions we have been busy creating uniquely styled arrangements for everyday, sympathy, special occasions and weddings that are a reflection of you.

I have some pictures of recent  arrangements I have designed for our customers. Hope you enjoy looking at them.

We're On the Farm!

Floral Expressions is now permanently moved just east of Waldvogel's Pumpkin Farm at W6567 Prospect Road. The new shop is conveniently located between the towns of Juneau, Horicon, Beaver Dam, and Fox Lake.  This allows us to continue to serve not only the Beaver Dam area but to better serve the surrounding areas.
The new building that houses the shop is a beautiful modular home with an open floor plan and with a few modifications. We are enjoying the fresh beautiful view of the countryside and lots of bright sunny windows. The plants and workers are enjoying the plentiful sunshine.
The new location allows us to be on the same farm as our field cuts. You can't get any fresher than that. We grow a variety of seasonal cut flowers including sun flowers, snapdragons, hydrangeas, bells of Ireland, delphiniums, sea holly, cosmos, sedum, zinnias, gerberas, oriental lilies. asiatic lilies, and more. Our new location will also allow us to expand our seasonal outdoor plant sales.
We continue to provide geourgous professional floral designs for all occasions, including bridal and sympathy.  We will continue to provide delivery to all our local communities along with  world-wide Telefloral wire services.
 We currently have a nice selection of outdoor perennial mums available for fall decorating.  We look forward to having you come to see our new place and enjoy some time in the country.  


It's the great summer heat wave in Wisconsin.  Here at the flower shop things are heating up ...and it's not due to the break down of air conditioning!   Floral Expressions is moving again! The current Floral Expressions building at 919 DeClark St. Beaver Dam, is being renovated into more offices for the realty business that we share our building with. So we are moving to the farm at W6567 Prospect Rd.
Floral Expressions has grown field stock flowers in the summer season for a number of years on the old dairy farm ran by owners Don and Shirley Clough. The cows have been gone for a long time, but Don still spends a lot of time farming in his garden a wide variety of cut flowers.
We have taken down an old building on the farm and are replacing it with a modular building to house the new shop. It is exciting to see things progress and we are looking forward to opening in the new building around the middle of August or early September.
The new shop will allow us to be next to the gardens and carry more in the outdoor spring plants. We are excited about the change in address.  We will be easy to find especially if you are familiar with Waldvogels pumpkin patch. We are located just east of Waldvogels on Prospect Rd.
the farm has been part of the Secret Garden Walk of Beaver Dam for two years in a row. It has a couple of goldfish pond that also hold colorful waterlillies along with a number of beautiful flower beds. So come out to a destination spot and enjoy the colorful sights. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Valentine's Day is HERE!!

Are you ready! Yea, between snow storms and rain storms, sleet and ice, we need to remember those who are closest to us.
So whether it's your sweety, or just those that need a pick me up and told they are loved, remember them with an arrangement of roses or mixed flowers that displays your sentiments to them. 
We have some awesome ideas for you. Blooming or green plants are fun ways to let your expressions continue through the last of these winter days.
Come in and experience some sunshine.

P.S. If you missed the day, we are open on Friday to help you make up for it. :)
Do You struggle with Winter Blahh's

Winter in Wisconsin is beautiful with no doubt. But, after the snow has stayed for weeks upon weeks and the temperature drops into the single digits or worse, negative digits, we start longing for the spring rains and fresh colors that warm our hearts. Well, I can't promise an early spring but I can offer you a reprieve on the lack of beauty, color and fragrances you are desiring. So come on over and breath in a little beauty.
Floral Expressions has just got in some lovely primroses and campanula plants that are brightening our shop. Green plants can also add energy to our homes. If you are not into caring for plants add a simple cut flower arrangement in the corner or on the kitchen table.  The beauty and fragrance of fresh cuts will definitely bring your state of mind to ease. Even the single stem of a gerbera daisy can make a person smile inside despite the weather outside.
If you enjoy experimenting, check out some of the old posts of forcing branches to bloom inside.
I hope some of these ideas you can use to help you through these winter months. Remember spring is on it's way! Enjoy some time in front of a fireplace or hovering over a hot cup of chocolate, tea or coffee. Breath in and linger for a while in the enjoyment of the little things.

Fall is here! Ready or Not. Some Ways to Make the Transition to Fall Fun!

 Wow, time sure flies. We have been having the hottest summer here in Wisconsin.  For many of us we have seen our first drought. The fields and the lawns lost their green and  remained a brown color for a long time and when the rains came is was a welcomed relief. But all to soon we are heading into fall.  For Wisconsinites this can bring mixed feelings.  For along with the fall comes the thought of winter! But, let's not dwell on that.  Just breath in and enjoy the beauty, smells and crisp air of fall. :)

 I have already been finding the pumpkins for sale on the side of the road and at the market places. For most of us fall is a time for decorating with these lovely vegetables.  So get outside make a scarecrow, throw together a couple of bales of straw set out the pumpkins and add some great fall mums to make the colors pop.

Don't forget to add mums to the inside of the house. Not only will you enjoy the long lasting color but also the fragrance of fall will be brought indoors. If you don't have room for a large mum plant, try adding fresh cut mums in vibrant rust or bronzes in a mason jar to give it a country flair. (Fresh cut mums are very long lasting they can give you 2 sometimes even 3 weeks of color in the house.) Finish your decorating off with a couple of miniature pumpkins in white and orange or add some gourds.  (Both miniature pumpkins and gourds, last a long time inside unlike jack-o-lanterns that like it colder.) Add a little burlap, plaid or lovely rich jewel tones of cloth to the mix. some dried acorns or leaves scattered on the table. A little raffia either in a bow or loosely strung and wallah you have a beautiful centerpiece that looks like it come out of a magazine or pinterest.

That outdoor mum will come back again next year if you  take care of it. First check to make sure it is a perennial Chrysanthemum. Some mum are grown to only withstand mild temperatures. We call these greenhouse mums cause once they freeze they are done. The perennial mums roots withstand the freezing temperatures if we plant them in the ground soon enough. So before the ground freezes hard you want to plant your mum in the dirt.  (That does not mean the normal frosts or even a killing frost.)  Pack the dirt up around the plant and leave the dried leaves and flowers on. These will help protect the roots during the winter. When spring has come you may cut off the dried up plant. Watch closely as the roots will regenerate a new plant. After a year or two you may even split your plant into two or three plants to enjoy elsewhere in your yard. Remember to water your root systems in spring and even summer. I lost a number of plants this year because I didn't water them during the drought. :( The ones that where watered and transplanted on the farm did great and are looking beautiful. Note: Do enjoy the mum either inside or out while it is in bloom, you don't need to plant it in the ground right away, only before the ground freezes.

Some events to remember to order flowers for this fall are; Sweetest Day, Saturday, October 20; Halloween, let's give a treat of flowers this year; Thanksgiving, November 22. Let's not forget to order early for those homecoming corsages and boutonnieres.
Happy Fall Everyone!